Welcome to the Schrodi Lab

Multiple lines of evidence have shown us that most disease traits have strong inherited components. If we can elucidate the molecular reasons why some people are predisposed to certain diseases, we have taken an important step toward developing targeted therapies to treat those diseases. Understanding the specific inherited disease factors also opens an avenue to early diagnosis through genetic information. However, identifying the specific inherited molecular features that underlie disease is challenging on multiple levels. To make progress in this important scientific and medical area, we (1) develop new mapping methods which are well-powered to detect specific types of genetic effects, (2) construct theoretical models of disease genetics, (3) create new statistical methods to solve a variety of analysis problems, and (4) rely heavily on our network of extremely strong and talented collaborators.

Contact information:

5320 Genetics/Biotech (Office)
5250 Genetics/Biotech (Computational Lab)
5240 Genetics/Biotech (Experimental Lab)
425-g Henry Malll
Madison, WI 53706-1580
email: schrodi@wisc.edu
(608) 263-0751

We are part of the Department of Medical Genetics within the School of Medicine and Public Health